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Information about CBT training

Obtaining your CBT is a legal requirement. It will enable you to ride your motorcycle on public roads as a learner. This course introduces you to basic riding skills and road craft and will form the heart of all your future training.

Dressing appropriately

You should dress in appropriate clothing when you attend the CBT course, which means motorcycle pants or heavy jeans, an appropriate jacket, motorcycle gloves and solid footwear. Make sure that your clothing has no holes, and your footwear should have good support and ankle protection. If the weather looks bad, wear waterproof clothing – the course will not be cancelled for rain.

Helmets, gloves and jackets are supplied free of charge, We advise you wear jeans or strong trousers and flat boots (remember you need to feel the controls with your feet on a geared bike).

If you wear glasses or contact lenses, make sure you take them with you.

Also, don’t forget to take your UK licence to the test.

There are five elements involved in the CBT course syllabus,

A. Introduction
B. Practical on-site training
C. Practical on-site riding
D. Practical on-road training
E. Practical on-road riding

and you must complete each of these. You will start with one, and when your instructor is happy that you are ready and that you have learned all of the practical and theory skills required, you will progress to the next stage.

Using your own bike

You are allowed to use your own motorcycle for the course, but in this case you must have a valid MOT certificate and valid insurance. You must also display both your road tax and L-plates on the bike.

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